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on desktop etc. fx : "mosaic", mobileFx : 'simpleFade', //leave empty if you want to display the same effect on mobile devices and on desktop etc. // gridDifference : , //to make the grid blocks slower than the slices, this value must be smaller than transPeriod height : "38.496376811594202898550724637681%", //here you can type pixels (for instance '300px'), a percentage (relative to the width of the slideshow, for instance '50%') or 'auto' // imagePath : 'images/', //the path to the image folder (it serves for the blank.gif, when you want to display videos) hover : true, //true, false. Puase on state hover. Not available for mobile devices loader : "none", //pie, bar, none (even if you choose "pie", old browsers like IE8- can't display it... they will display always a loading bar) loaderColor : "#eeeeee", loaderBgColor : "#222222", loaderOpacity : .8, //0, .1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, 1 // loaderPadding : , //how many empty pixels you want to display between the loader and its background // loaderStroke : , //the thickness both of the pie loader and of the bar loader. Remember: for the pie, the loader thickness must be less than a half of the pie diameter minHeight : "200px", //you can also leave it blank navigation : true, //true or false, to display or not the navigation buttons navigationHover : false, //if true the navigation button (prev, next and play/stop buttons) will be visible on hover state only, if false they will be visible always mobileNavHover : false, //same as above, but only for mobile devices opacityOnGrid : false, //true, false. Decide to apply a fade effect to blocks and slices: if your slideshow is fullscreen or simply big, I recommend to set it false to have a smoother effect overlayer : false, //a layer on the images to prevent the users grab them simply by clicking the right button of their mouse (.camera_overlayer) pagination : false, playPause : false, //true or false, to display or not the play/pause buttons pauseOnClick : false, //true, false. It stops the slideshow when you click the sliders. // pieDiameter : , // piePosition : "", //'rightTop', 'leftTop', 'leftBottom', 'rightBottom' // portrait : , //true, false. Select true if you don't want that your images are cropped rows : 4, slicedCols : 0, //if 0 the same value of cols slicedRows : 0, //if 0 the same value of rows // slideOn : "", //next, prev, random: decide if the transition effect will be applied to the current (prev) or the next slide thumbnails : false, time : 5000, //milliseconds between the end of the sliding effect and the start of the nex one transPeriod : 800 //lenght of the sliding effect in milliseconds // onEndTransition : function() { }, //this callback is invoked when the transition effect ends // onLoaded : function() { }, //this callback is invoked when the image on a slide has completely loaded // onStartLoading : function() { }, //this callback is invoked when the image on a slide start loading // onStartTransition : function() { } //this callback is invoked when the transition effect starts }); });

Contacts & Locations

Walla Walla Office
45 Terminal Loop
Suite 210
Walla Walla, WA  99362
Tri-Cities Office
6503 W Okanogan Ave
Suite G
Kennewick, WA  99336
Yakima Office
2400 W Washington Ave
Yakima, WA  98903
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Our Network - The Ultimate in Reliability and Performance.

PocketiNet Service Coverage Area

PocketiNet serves the Mid-Columbia Basin from Walla Walla to Yakima, WA and south to Umatilla, OR and all points in between. 

Free WiFi Hotspot Locations

PocketiNet supports numerous Free WiFi (802.11b) "Hotspots" throughout our service areas.