PocketiNet’s Dedicated Capacity services are the very pinnacle of our product line, providing both high capacity with high reliability and 24/7 pro-active monitoring. These services are ideal for dedicated corporate, educational or service provider installations and come standard with all of our advanced options. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services available in either Fiber or Licensed Microwave technologies (outlined below).

PocketiNet has two options available to bring Dedicated Internet Access to your business or organization.

  • Fiber Services provided in the Tri-Cities, WA area are available through Franklin and Benton PUD and offer speeds up to Gigabit capacity. Availability and cost is based on the distance from the nearest fiber splice point to your facility

  • Dedicated Licensed Microwave services are available in most locations and offer fiber like capabilities to most locations that have Line-Of-Sight (LOS) to one of our 16 tower sites throughout the region. Services are available up to 1Gbps.

PocketiNet offers Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to entities that need very large amounts of Internet bandwidth that we blend together to create a very Internet route optimized hybrid product. Futhermore, because our network includes multiple physical locations for the origination of Internet bandwidth our network offers industry leading redundancy for mission critical operations. We utilize Seattle and Los Angeles data carrier hotels for Internet capacity and transport them to our Washington and Oregon backbone network. We take our network seriously because you depend on it.

Currently our upstreams include:

  • Verio - (SEA)

  • Global Crossing - (SEA)

  • MCI - (SEA)

  • Accretive Networks - (SEA)

  • Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX)

  • Level 3  - (LA)

  • Level 3 -  (SEA)

  • Private Peering Routes - (LA)

  • Any2 Internet Exchange (One Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA)

In addition, PocketiNet offers Colocation and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) around Washington State at leading data centers (POP's).

  • Seattle's Westin building: The leading Data Center in the NW, the Westin building occupies a "who's who" of communication carriers and hosting providers.

  • Spokane's US Bank building: Spokane, Washington's carrier hotel for E. WA

  • Pasco, WA Franklin PUD Colocation: Tri-Cities, WA regional colocation facility for hosting.

  • Walla Walla, WA Colocation: PocketiNet's colocation facility that is built right on our fiber core in Walla Walla.

  • Los Angeles, CA CRG West Carrier Hotel (One Wilshire): The West Coast facility for communication companies around the world.

Paramount however, is the reliability of our dedicated service, with options for diverse connections via separate POPs to our network we are able to provide reliably equivalent to that of conventional leased lines. Our customers can rest assured that their data will be transported across our network regardless of the availability of a single upstream or transport provider. Our commitment to our customer's network reliability begins with our SLAs, which cover outage resolution time, latency, packet loss and total uptime.

Features Include:

  • Dedicated Guaranteed Bandwidth Connectivity (up to 600 Mbps)

  • Local support

  • Unlimited Secondary and Primary DNS hosting

  • Proactive monitoring (with optional 24/7 notification by our NOC)

  • Ultra high reliability

  • SLAs (Service Level Agreements) Available

  • 95th Percentile billing

  • Unlimited routed IP blocks (with justification)

  • Optional BGP routing (for multi-homed customers only)