Free WiFi Hotspots

PocketiNet supports numerous Free WiFi (802.11b) "Hotspots" throughout our service areas.


These Free WiFi “HotSpots” allow anyone with a laptop computer or PDA access to our blazing fast Internet connection.  All of our "Hotspots" are connected via Fixed Wireless to our high capacity Internet backbone allowing users access to the Internet at maximum speed. 



Walla Walla Hotspots:

  •      Earth Light Book Store

  •      Big Cheese Pizza (Wilbur) 

  •      Coffee Connections Café (Main Street) 

  •      Coffee Perk (1st Street)

  •      Mr. Ed's Restaurant (Isaacs) 

  •      Starbucks (Main Street & 1st ) 

  •      Colville Street Patisserie

  •      Les Schwab Tire Center

  •      Walla Walla Regional Airport 

  •      Walla Walla Roastery (A Street - WW Airport)  


College Place Hotspots:

  •      Del Taco (Meadowbrook Plaza) 

  •      Subway (Meadowbrook Plaza)  

Tri-Cities Hotspots:

  •      Espresso World (Clearwater, Kennewick) 

  •      Espresso World (George Washington Way, Richland) 

  •      Country Gentleman (Ely Hwy 395, Kennewick) 

  •      Platinum Catering (Richland) 

  •      Tri-City Airport Terminal (Pasco) 

  •      Florentyna's (Tri-City Airport Pasco) 

  •      Les Schwab Tire Center (Clearwater, Kennewick)