THINK DIFFERENT.  Your friends at PocketiNet are bringing the next generation of ultra-high speed communications infrastructure to the valley. Gigabit Country, powered by PocketiNet brings a whole new technological infrastructure right to your home or business.  We do this with advanced fiber optics which provides unlimited capabilities for video-streaming, home phone services, home security services/surveillance, and of course broadband Internet service.


What happens now?  Fiberhoods have been released (neighborhoods to receive fiber) and the first areas to receive the most support and reach their construction sales goal, PocketiNet will commit to constructing fiber in those areas first.  You see, the amount of work to bring fiber optic service is huge and comes with a lot of expense.  Bottom line is we want to go where you want us most!  


What is Gigabit Internet Service?  Fiber optic cable is the infrastructure that connects you to the internet and carries digital information.  The way that Fiber is designed it allows for more information to travel across its lines, and because there is no metal it also means less disruption to the signal and clearer, high definition connection.


What are the Advantages?  If your current broadband service is like drinking from a water fountain, Gigabit will be like drinking from a fire hose!  It provides truly unlimited access, and allows households to run multiple high bandwidth devices at the same time. This means your husband can be streaming movies on the TV, while you’re uploading all of your vacation photos to your favorite photo sharing site, while the kids are connected with friends on their gaming devices. You can do this all at the same time, all with no effect on speed or resolution. 


What’s Next?  PocketiNet is releasing fiberhoods for advanced fiber optic services.  These are the areas where PocketiNet will start marketing to prospective customers in these neighborhoods. The first zone to meet the goal get's authorized for construction.  The other zones will follow as they qualify for construction. Thus, it's very important that we spread the news within each zone and neighborhood about this exciting new service.  Secondly, if you are outside one of the zones we still need you to rally your neighbors as we need to know where to go next. Together, we're helping to shape our community for the better! 



View PocketiNet services and prices available at YOUR address!

Walla Walla

2919 East Isaacs Avenue

Walla Walla, WA  99362 



6503 W Okanogan Ave, Suite G

Kennewick, WA  99336 


2400 W Washington Ave

Yakima, WA  98903 



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