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Why Sling TV? Making a switch in your TV provider is a big decision.  At PocketiNet, we take that decision seriously.  We understand that each household has individual viewing needs and desires. With that in mind, we believe that Sling TV presents an excellent alternative to most cable and satellite customers.  


Are you worried about finding a TV provider that works with local channels? You can rest easy knowing that Sling TV has worked hard to develop an integrated solution that combines national and local content all in one experience or application.  Along with your favorite cable channels, the Sling platform allows you to get your trusted local stations via an off-the-air antenna that can mount in the attic above your garage.  Unlike most cable or satellite packages that bundle in local channels at high prices upwards of $20/mo, Sling TV’s off-the-air antenna cuts that extra charge. In receiving local channels and content off-air in the conventional way, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for them. This feature alone can save you approximately $240/year!

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Sling TV Orange Channel Options


Sling TV Blue Channel Options


Sling TV Orange + Blue Channel Options

Our Method: The amazing thing about Sling TV is that it supports many streaming set top boxes and smart TV’s (plus a whole lot more).  Trying to decide which device integrates the best is what we’ve carefully evaluated and tested in real use cases within our own employees at the company.  We live by the motto in using the same products that we sell so rest assured that these recommendations are important to providing the best service possible.

How does SlingTV compare with cable? Sling TV is what we call an Over The Top (OTT) service that is provided via the Internet.  Thus your Internet connection becomes even more critical and has to have the available bandwidth to satisfy your video feed(s) into your home.  Please keep in mind that each device that streams content from Sling TV creates a doubling effect for the amount of bandwidth required.  Thus, if you have 2 TV’s or devices in your home that are streaming video it will require 2 times the bandwidth depending on the resolution of the content.  You can also take your TV subscription with you as it’s mobile and you can stream your favorite shows on your smartphone and watch the content when you want it. 


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