iMax Fixed Wireless

iMax is a High Speed Internet Services designed and built for reliable wireless communications with greater reliability and faster speeds. 


  • Available in most locations DSL/Cable are not

  • Up to 10Mbps download*

  • Up to 15 Email Accounts included


PocketiNet is proud to offer iMax Fixed Wireless + PocketiFi Managed WiFi and Router Service.  PocketiFi is the cutting-edge blend of an installed access point and high performance managed router. The combination offers complete WiFi coverage throughout your home.  


During your PocketiFi consultation, PocketiNet’s professionally trained and insured technicians strategically determine the best place for the managed router and access point.  This ensures optimal performance throughout your home.  Our technicians then install a customized system designed specifically for your home.  Most providers bring you an Ethernet port, but PocketiNet goes the extra mile and provides a fully managed Internet experience, not just to the house, but throughout your home.


With PocketiFi, there’s no worry about what WiFi equipment you need.  PocketiNet provides state-of-the-art WiFi hardware that fills your home with consistent WiFi coverage.  PocketiFi uses top-quality components so you get the highest form of reliability and performance, even as your wireless devices move from one end of your home to the other.  


As long as you’re a PocketiNet iMax + PocketiFi customer, we’ll replace any component that stops working at no cost.  Think of this as an extended warranty that never expires.  Just another benefit of being a PocketiNet + PocketiFi customer!   We’re so confident you’ll love PocketiFi, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  Try it risk-free and experience what PocketiFi can do for you!

iMax Fixed Wireless + PocketiFi: The home Internet you’ve been wanting!