We’re so excited to bring this great service to the PocketiNet family! 

Our Recommended Best Practices: We recommend the Amazon Fire TV (Pendant) as the preferred streaming set top box solution.  This device plugs directly into your HDTV HDMI port on your TV and gives you many options for apps that you might also want to add now or in the future.  If you have a Prime subscription you can also watch those movies as well.  Sling TV runs as an app and is fully compatible with local and national content as an integrated guide.

Sling AirTV Classic is the preferred solution for receiving your local channels and distributing them in your home via your home wired or wireless network.  An antenna is required that connects to the AirTV box and we have two solutions that should meet your needs for receiving local channels.  Once connected and integrated into the Sling TV app you can watch local stations within the home but you can also watch 1 stream of local channels away from home over your cellular data plan or wifi.  Our preferred location for this box is in the garage next to power and next to PocketiNet’s router and board.  Based on the antenna selection which we offer a short-range antenna solution that receives stations up to 30 miles and mounts on the interior wall/window and a long-range antenna that goes up to 55 miles and mounts in the attic of the garage.   Please note that your location to receive local channels off air is dependent on the distance from the nearest broadcast tower.  You may not receive all the channels.  Please go to to verify your address.   


Connection of the FireTV set top box to the Internet is preferred via WiFi if you have the Pocket iFi Wifi managed service already in your home.  If you don’t have our managed WiFi service you may want to upgrade your system (ask an account executive) or if you prefer to use your own access point/router we will require you to connect it via a hard wired cable solution.  An ethernet connection is preferred from your TV location back to your router.  If you don’t have that in place you may want to consider a PLC (Power Line Converter) solution that transmits ethernet over your electrical system and simply plugs into the wall outlet on each end.  If you have cable between those locations we also have a DECA solution that may work well for you.  Please note, we Do NOT recommend that you connect your Fire TV to your wifi router as placement matters greatly with video.  I’d also like to point out that you will need an ethernet adapter for your Fire TV (Pendant) (see pricing below for details).  


Installation services provided by PocketiNet will install all necessary equipment, test your local reception, install the required antenna in your garage, and include all necessary wiring.  The technician will also train you on how to use the service on your TV and answer any questions you might have. 

Sling TV Solutions for Every Situation.
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