If you’re a business that needs to connect two or more locations together for voice & data let us help you. PocketiNet Wide Area Network services are designed to enable your business to communicate to your remote office(s) without worrying about the details. Because our network uses different technologies depending on the physical location of the customer we can design a network that addresses your needs.

Need Ethernet Services across town or to another City?  We have a wide range of tecnology solutions available including Fiber Optics, Dedicated Licensed Microwave, or even access via Qwest DSL.

But even more than that we’re able to consult with you to find the right product depending on the applications you need. Some of the time, an application that works great over your inside network may not be the best application to use remotely. In that case we can give you options on how to keep your remote location & staff happy.

Need to have remote users at home access to your network but are concerned about Internet security? We have the highest security solutions available for VPN access as well.

Benefits of PocketiNet Wide Area Network Service:

  • Private Ethernet based service offerings (Layer 2 Circuits)

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) capabilities via Fiber Optics in Tri-Cities, WA

  • Not near any fiber?  Dedicated Ethernet Services via Licensed Microwave can be affordable! - PocketiNet has over 19 towers throughout the Region!

  • Long Haul capabilities to Seattle, Spokane, Yakima, Tri-Cities, and Walla Walla (and more)